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We are founded upon trust and transparency. This can be confirmed with our personality and the technology we support on a daily basis: proof of work consensus algorithm (POW)

Without POW the Bitcoin idea wouldn’t be possible. It’s the only mechanism capable to make the dream of global, free, open and safe cooperation without requiring intermediaries who are permanently hindering growth and development of human civilizations. Through POW technology implementation on Bitcoin, we are contributing with the optimization and efficiency of most electricity generation industries and the balance of the world’s energy markets.

At Doctorminer

Our Main Goal is


To take part on the efficient construction of the new and global cryptomining industry. We are venezuelan pioneers. We are convinced that with the development of the mining activity, each country could optimize the process to exploit their natural wealth is exploited, which could directly trigger the reconstruction process of Venezuela in the most efficient way.

Mining farm infrastructure
To find the ideal places to develop the activity.
To identify the most eficient and suitable mining equipment
Mining farm operation
To incorporate human and computarized systems capable to handle sart ups and frequente optimization of day by day farm operations.

We have a broad vision for this industry. Mining is a developing activity which requires participants with a long term strategic focus in order to secure solid foundations for this disruptive innovation of the future.

Finishing a project isn’t the end of the way We are commited to help this technologic monument achieve its goal: To generate trust in this descentralized financial network of the future

We are passionate about the “Cornerstone”. To be there since the inception generates a unique feeling of commitment and belonging, essential for the effectiveness and efficiency of any project.

Best Harvest depends on the quality of the planting times: The most important phases. We work silently when none is watching, planning educating, training and creating a solid team capable to gerate optimum results for the sake of the industry.


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Theodoro Toukoumidis

Pioneer of the national industry in Venezuela.
Leading mining projects accounting for over 10MW accross the country.

Juan Jose Pinto


Mechanical engineer. Power generation.
Over 200MW
energy installations.


Eduardo Lugo

Production Engineer
Experiencia en diseño y optimización de procesos
Involved with strategic and operations projects
( Comprehensive diagnosis, Closing gaps, strategic planning and ERP implementation)

Daniel Ferro

Electrical Engineer.

Power Electronics and electricity.
Leading the condensed matter electronic lab at the nation institute of scientific research.


Xavier Vargas

Ingeniero electrónico especialista en computación
Amplia experiencia en manejo de sistemas
para las infraestructuras de hashrate.
Responsable en pruebas de rendimiento de los softwares en las máquinas de minería.

Yuriana Cruz

Telecommunications Engineer

Network architecture.
Implementation on mining projects accounting for +100phs.


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