When we talk about crypto coin mining, we are presenting humanity with an innovative activity, an industry that is in full development and is constantly evolving.

Immersing yourself in any industry in its early stages always creates uncertainty. It is like choosing between working for a company in the middle of its entrepreneurial phase or for an already consolidated transnational. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages and must be put on a scale.

But I am convinced that this industry is not just any enterprise: once its true importance is understood, the balance leans immediately in its favour.

This development represents a clear opportunity to witness at first hand the immense value of a global technological disruption (such as the Internet), which proposes a historic modification of the already obsolete traditional economic system to which we are accustomed, which limits our growth and puts a roof over our heads as a society.

However, beyond this, I must admit that during all these years of experience I have dedicated myself tirelessly to diagramming the most effective way to execute this activity, and in this article I seek to define the best practices that will allow us to mitigate as much as possible those risks associated with choosing to get involved in a nascent industry.

Personally, I tend to compare many life situations with sports. Teamwork, dedication, mental skills and strategy have always helped me to better understand the processes I go through, and have allowed me to make decisions and choose paths in demanding situations more clearly.

Therefore, the lessons learned along the way have led me to locate it and visualize it in my mind as a marathon.

I took on my role as part of the pioneers, who are at an early stage and it is up to us to identify and define best practices step by step. There is time to prepare, there is no rush, so, unlike a marathon, it is not a question of speed, but depends much more on long-term vision and planning.

What will determine whether a marathon runner meets his objectives and his chances of achieving the goal he has set will depend on four factors:

  1. The heart: the first quality of a runner is his "innate" heart rate or capacity. The participant with the best heart has everything to gain from birth, since all this is then transformed into cardiovascular resistance, which is the energetic capacity that the vital organs (heart, lungs and blood vessels) deliver to the body, pumping blood and processing oxygen at a sufficiently high volume rate, to effectively feed the muscles and cellular tissues, allowing an optimal physical capacity capable of recovering in record time from fatigue.
  • Muscles: lafter developing the main internal source of energy, it is necessary to strengthen externally the muscle fibers of slow contraction, which have a high resistance to fatigue for continuous pressures and prolonged time as required by a marathon, q through the special design of a program of resistance exercises.
  • Clothing and equipment: after developing the body, it is necessary to equip it optimally. Taking part in a marathon will test the soles of your shoes, which must be strong enough to withstand the contact with the track floor despite the amount of grams saved so that the weight is not an obstacle on the way. This also includes lightweight, breathable clothing, a cap and specially designed glasses to limit the runner as much as possible.
  • The technique: a tough runner with the best equipment available needs to develop an optimal way of moving around the track, including leg, hip and arm movement, as well as control and management of breathing and rhythm.

Bitcoin mining is not very different. In the case of a miner, a mixture of 4 key and dependent qualities very similar to those of a marathon runner is essential:

  1. Natural wealth: is the heart of every mining operation, which begins first with identifying the location with "innate" access to natural wealth, because just as a runner transforms his heart capabilities into cardiovascular endurance, a miner transforms the natural wealth of a place into abundant energy resources, which allows for low electricity consumption, as a main objective. For this reason, the mining industry is and will be the only industry on the planet that is 100% geographically independent. This means that the miners are the ones who move and move to wherever there are efficient sources of energy and not the opposite as many other activities.
  • The infrastructure: after having the ideal heart that efficiently feeds the project upstream, it is then necessary to execute the design and select the materials, develop the legs and muscles of the operation, the architecture or body of greater duration and resistance that best suits the conditions of the site, ensuring a smart investment that fits the ideal budget to ensure the profitability of the project and long term duration.
  • Equipment: Once the power and infrastructure to control and deliver it is available, it is necessary to procure the mining equipment that will now transform it into the computing power that will contribute to the safety of the Bitcoin network and generate the associated reward in the form of money. The most accurate identification of these equipments is the one that will allow the site's energy capacity to be maximized.
  1. Know-How: the best way to make the most of the available energy resources that were so hard to find, lies in the capacity and technical knowledge needed to keep mining operations active 24/7, which also allows for maximum computing hashrate efficiency and energy consumption optimization of mining equipment. This quality is vital to achieve a return on investment and to enable the sustainable expansion of the business.

This structure has generated a guide or action plan for me to prepare myself to be the best and get as close to success as possible. And, although it is true that in sport the best does not always win, I believe that the odds of winning, if you are the best and most prepared, are much higher in marathons than in any other sport.

That is why I created this particular analogy, because the decentralized nature of Bitcoin, based on the equitable distribution of powers, made possible through the use of mathematical sciences, makes cryptomania, which is responsible for defining the security and validation parameters of these disruptive networks, become, like the marathon for sports, one of the fairest and most independent activities that exist.

This article aims to light the way to the finish line for pioneering miners like me, since Proof of Work (POW) networks not only reward the best, but as long as they perform well and take care of the efficiency of their operations, it protects them and drives them forward, paving the way to the future of an industry that came to transform the way we see the natural wealth of the planet.