We have over 100 years of using the same money in our day-to-day transactions. There's nothing else, we have no choice.

Continuing to use only today's money is the equivalent of continuing to ride horses instead of cars, to light candles instead of electricity, to read news in the newspaper or watch movies on TV, instead of using Twitter or Netflix.

By this I do not mean that all of the above should disappear, as we can still ride horses or watch movies from the 90s on TV when it provokes us, but the new became basically indispensable.

And why do you think everything else has evolved, but money hasn't? The answer is easy: because money is the most important control mechanism there is. Money today is 100% centralized, a group of people have all the power over it.

Any alternative would take immense power away from those who govern society. This explains why in the past all new attempts at money were immediately destroyed and shut down by the system.

But one day, an anonymous person created a system called Bitcoin and vanished. With his contribution he gave us the first form of money that was impossible to turn off. And one of the main reasons why they can't attack it is precisely because it has no owner.

At this point we are all owners: the users, the miners and the nodes. It means that to bring down Bitcoin would require a simultaneous attack on hundreds of countries, a move equivalent to the cost and time of several world wars combined.

You may ask yourself: And now that we finally have new money, what is coming, for what is coming is prosperity, freedom and wealth for society. Yes, these are the benefits that Bitcoin offers just by being absolutely different from all the negative things that money represents today.

Because it's no secret that the world economic system is not right. It has become a financial ecosystem in which priorities are reversed by the harmful effects of centralization and concentration of power, replete with constant "bailouts" of corporations and billionaire investment funds while the weakest continue to be ignored. These "rescues" come from the central banks, which, together with the governments in power, handle the people's money as they please. They use inefficient monetary policies of quantitative expansion to create currency without limitations of unlimited supply and decide arbitrarily when, how and how much new money to issue uncontrolled variable money supply.

This is a deadly virus that little by little and day by day, thanks to constant inflation, destroys people's savings, limiting their purchasing power, and making them more and more dependent on the state.

In contrast, Bitcoin fights the virus not only by limiting the number of total coins to be issued in its entire existence (limited supply of 21 million), but also by defining from day 1 how those 21 million coins would be printed over time (controlled fixed supply of money).

The currency supply mechanism (BTC) was public, predictable and progressive. It occurs continuously over time, as platform users interact. From day one, it was stipulated that for every 1,000 confirmed transactions between users (approximately 1 block), 50 new BTCs would be printed.

Additionally, Satoshi Nakamoto defined in the design that every 210 million confirmed transactions (approx. 4 years) the rate of new coin issuance generated would be halved. This is the magic element known as Halving, which in English means "cutting in half".

Thus, in the first Halving (2012) the supply rate of coins was reduced from 50BTC to 25BTC, in the second (2016) from 25BTC to 12.5BTC.

Although these first two were also important, the 3rd Halving (2020), which will reduce the supply rate from 12.5BTC to 6.25BTC, is particularly special due to the extraordinary circumstances the planet is currently going through. That's why this event represents one of the most important moments in Bitcoin's history.

The world's society will soon witness something unheard of. On the one hand, governments are trying to contain the inevitable crisis, using their respective central banks to print money as if it were toilet paper (more than 30 TRILLION dollars so far), clearly impoverishing the weakest population and dramatically limiting their options to overcome it. And, on the other hand, Bitcoin reducing even more its offer, becoming more and more scarce and therefore valuable in time.

More unique and valuable even than gold itself, a precious metal that until today has always been seen as the only means of escape or alternative to the already described and obsolete traditional financial system.

But the reality is that nobody knows for sure how many kilos of gold there are in the ground and, however difficult it is, with a little money and extra effort you can always dig more. However, we are all certain that there will only be 21 million BTCs, there will be no more.

Bitcoin is the true absolute shortage and, coincidentally, in this 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic provokes the viral outbreak of the already sick economic system, centralized and creating infinite money without value, the third Halving comes to remind the world that it is the true solution against the constant uncertainty and financial instability that invades most of the global population.

Never before has it been so easy to answer the question: "Why Bitcoin? Why Halving?" Bitcoin is the inexpensive vaccine against the virus. And halving is its active component.